Nici (emomaksmecry) wrote in aug2006weddings,

OK so I haven't been a bridezilla once, not once but now Im feeling very bridezilla today.

We're having a small wedding, about 25 people. Our plan was to have a large "reception" later this summer so all of our friends and family can come.
Now let me say, me and my MIL have never gotten along well. Its a strained relationship.
She has more of less taken control of everything which up untill now, have been ok. I've been very laid back w/ this whole planning process. The wedding is in 6 days so the planning for that is over. Now comes the planning of the "reception" or the "open house" as my MIL insists on calling it.
Well the FH and I thought it would be nice to have a big pig roast and bon fire and beer on my family farm. We thought it would be a nice laid back get together for everyone. We were going to order custom postcards and send them to friends and family w/ announcement info on it. Well MIL has taken over that department as well, went to taget, bought invitations and its probably at home printing up fancy anouncements as we speak. She also only wants to send out 100 announcments. Well just our extended familys is about 65 of those.
I think shes failing to realize how much pig there is to eat at a pig roast.
And last, shes putting "No Denim Please" on these anouncements. I dont know what the womans probelm w/ jeans is. She says "People who wear denim are going to act like their wearing denim. Next thing you know its a frat party".
I dont care what people wear.

Shes driving me CRAZY!
Maybe I'll rebel and were denim.... heaven forbid....

anyways, weddings in 6 days. Im soooo ready for this!
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