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Goodbye, Farewell... (X-Posted)

Just wanted to stop by now that I'm finally back from honeymoon (we went to Kenya and Tanzania for 3 weeks and it was incredible) and leave an official "I'm leaving the community" post.

The wedding was perfect. It was a really long day as the ceremony started at 1pm and we left the reception on the dot of midnight as a result of which there are a million memories, all equally fabulous. Some of the best things that happened were the unexpected ones, like my parents' neighbours coming out onto the street to wave me off as we set off in our Rolls Royce, being able to hear the church bells as we got half way down the street (I hadn't realised they were going to be rung and yes, it was that close a distance), people waving at us from my favourite restaurant as we drove past on the way to the reception, trying to snatch a few moments with my husband and sneak off for a quiet walk, our photographers who enjoyed it so much they stayed nearly the whole day when they had been booked from 12 - 6 and just not being able to stop smiling because it was the happiest and best day of my life. Also a stately home hosting a concert nearby let off fireworks and everyone thought we'd organised them and loved the display "we'd put on"!

A few things went wrong - don't they always? Firstly, my florist was dappy! Even two weeks before the wedding she had the delivery address for the flowers wrong and hadn't taken note of the changes I'd made (no cake topper needed, flowers for hair needed). On the day she forgot the buttonhole for our page boy but we made him one out of the flowers for the hair so it fine. I only noticed when I looked at photos of the bridesmaids that she hadn't used red ribbon to tie their bouquets so it matched their dresses - the white ribbon really stands out, but it's not a huge deal. My brother forgot to take the confetti to the church and the poor guy only remembered in the ceremony and spent the whole of it in a huge state of angst, rushing up to me immediately after and confessing and offering to run to my parents' house to get it. But some people had brought confetti and it just didn't seem a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Poor guy though, he was so upset and worried. Also the bridesmaid dress shop chopped off the train of one of the bridesmaids' dresses and then when I complained said "it doesn't really matter, everyone makes mistakes, we're all human after all". I refused to pay for the alterations and we'll see how that pans out...

While I remember it as all being perfect it really does help that all our guests seemed to love it so much. We printed the entire ceremony word for word, as instructed by our vicar at the church, and we had tons of people telling us that it was very meaningful being able to follow what was going on. We were so ridiculously lucky with the weather which had threatened to rain all week and somehow held off. Bizarrely it was apparently raining at the international rugby stadium a couple of miles away and we were bone dry. English weather, it's too weird for explanations. So many people complimented us on the setting which was a polo club and had two huge green fields surrounded by trees and felt like being in the middle of the countryside, despite being so close to London. Everyone was outside until our dinner and I've had so many people compliment the food; one girl I know doesn't eat very much, I looked over and her plate was scraped clean! We had the best wedding band ever, they were friends of friends and just put on such a great performance; knowing them as well meant it felt quite personal. I saw so many people dancing who I know don't usually get involved - I also discovered one of my Mum's best friends is brilliant on the dance floor and she's 61!

Anyway, enough, I just leave you with a couple of few photos and a wish that all your weddings may be as perfect and you all have as happy a day as I did.

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