Roni Ann (cate211) wrote in aug2006weddings,
Roni Ann

Hi :)

My fiance and I were originally going to get married August 18th of next year. Lately though, we've been discussing it and decided to elope THIS MONTH.
The reason: Money is one reason. We just can't afford a huge wedding and neither of our families would settle for less than spectacular. Also, his father would definitely not come and it's going to smush James' feelings so we figure eloping = no invites = no hurt feelings.
Basically we have everything figured out except finding an officiator. He's Wiccan and I'm Baptist so we don't really want a preacher since we can't settle on what faith he should be anyone have any idea how to find a cheap officiator?

Also...has/is anyone else on this site eloped or considered it?
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