Mrs. Shaybe Silver (shaybe) wrote in aug2006weddings,
Mrs. Shaybe Silver

In exactly 2 months

In exactly 2 months from right now I'll be finishing up at the hairdressers and then hurrying home to get my makeup done and get dressed in my wedding gown. I'll have already picked up mine and zoe's bouquets from the florist and will probably be shaking like a leaf. Probably crying too. that will probably ruin my makeup....eeeekkk it's coming up so close.
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holy cow.
in exactly two months from now i'll be married.
didn't realise!
well that's scary! :)
YAY!! I'm so excited that it's coming up so quickly! I have 68 days left, but you'd better believe that I'll be counting down the seconds!! :) I don't think I'll be the one crying-- I'll leave that to my FH. He's so cute.

WOW- congrats!
I had a little bit of time, so I wandered onto your personal livejournal and was reading about your wedding plans there. Hope you don't mind! But WOW- you have gotten a lot accomplished!

But I guess what I didn't realize is that we've probably seen each other in real life. I just graduated in May from Clarkson and somethings in your LJ talk about the Bagelry and Elm St. and all the good stuff from Potsdam.

And I think you may know one of my 'sorority' sisters- Amanda Cunningham Balonek? We're both members of Sigma Alpha Iota at Crane.

Wow-- Small world! :)
yeah she is one of my best friends... welived together until she got married 2 years ago this oct. Funny that we are getting married a week apart.