wedding pictures

we just got home from our wedding/vacation/honeymoon in Niagara Falls. i am now beginning the recovery process :P

here's our professional wedding photos and all the photos we took with my camera.

we still have to gather the rest of out families photos and develop the 10 disposable caneras from the reception. good thing i got a lot of photo albums at my bridal shower!

click here for pics

Hi :)

My fiance and I were originally going to get married August 18th of next year. Lately though, we've been discussing it and decided to elope THIS MONTH.
The reason: Money is one reason. We just can't afford a huge wedding and neither of our families would settle for less than spectacular. Also, his father would definitely not come and it's going to smush James' feelings so we figure eloping = no invites = no hurt feelings.
Basically we have everything figured out except finding an officiator. He's Wiccan and I'm Baptist so we don't really want a preacher since we can't settle on what faith he should be anyone have any idea how to find a cheap officiator?

Also...has/is anyone else on this site eloped or considered it?

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If you're starting to feel overwhelmed, raise your hand. *raises hand*

If you're not, please please please please tell me what you are doing!!!!

For me (12th) it's almost time to look at the 10-day forecast.... and that's when i realized that it's fianlly here. Even with a countdown, it never seemed real. It never seemed like the wedding was going to actually happen, but here it is. IT'S AUGUST!!!!!!!

*wipes a tear* I can't wait :)

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I really can't believe that the wedding is less than 3 weeks away!  *squee*   Sometimes I'm so excited about it I think I'm going to burst!

Just an update on the progress so far, for posterity:

Flowers got done early last week, we decided on everything in one sitting with the future MIL and it went pretty well.
Second fitting for my dress and the MOH's dress is this Friday, and maybe we'll even get to bring them home!  (Probably not though, seeing as though I still have one more detail to add)
All the invitations have (finally) been sent out and so far 150-ish people are definitely coming.  For having the ceremony in a church that will only hold 200, I think that's pretty good.  We are going to start calling the delinquents this week.
Who would have thought that deciding on transportation and wedding night hotel room would be so much trouble?  I really don't want to do a limo because there are so few people in the wedding party.  I also called the hotel that we were considering for our wedding night today and they have a minimum 3 night stay that weekend due to a local festival going on.  Grr...  So we're going to have to find another hotel I guess.  And figure out our ride for the day.
Finally got ahold of the DJ and that's all set.  He was really cool with switching the time now that we have a jazz band *squee* to play during the cocktail/dinner hours.  Awesome.  
We still have to find the rest of the stuff for centerpieces and the card box for the reception, but other than that I don't think there's very much planning left to do.
Seating chart is definitely on the list of things to start this week though.  

I'l try to remember to bring my camera to the fitting this Friday to get a pic of me in the dress! YAY! :)

Hope everyone else's planning is going well!

August 12, 2006

August 2006

We're all getting married NEXT MONTH! How fabulous is that? And on a scale of 1 to ridiculous, how excited are you? Something has suddenly clicked and it feels like everything is falling into place and now I'm just excessively excited.

Also could the moderator update the wedding list please?

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Hi everyone! I'm so happy to have found this community. Okay, standard intro post:

Name/LJ Username: Keiko / kappamaki
Fiance/e's Name/LJ: Johnny / sugar_boogers
Role in wedding: Queen and Tyrant (aka the Bride)
Wedding date: August 12th, noon
Location of wedding: at a lakeside lodge
Do you have a wedding website: not yet, hopefully I'll get it up over the weekend...
Your Story:  

Johnny and I dated for a while a few years ago, but things got a little too intense too quickly. I have a son from a previous relationship, and for a lifelong nomad like Johnny, the idea of "settling down" with a family and all was a bit too scary. We parted ways, but we remained good friends and hung out together all the time with various mutual friends. We started spending more and more time together last summer, and it was clear that alot of the old feelings were very much still there. By September Johnny had realized that he didn't want to roam the planet without my son and I, so here we are. He proposed in April, and we're in the process of buying a house (note to self: do not buy a house and plan a wedding in the same summer ever again). 

We're nontraditional in just about every sense of the word. Johnny's from Scotland and I'm from Japan, so we're planning the odd combination of a kilt & kimono wedding. Just about the only thing that weddings from both cultures have in common is that everyone drinks alot. Should be fun. We're also very good friends with my son's father, who is in fact a groomsman in the wedding. This seems to make everyone uncomfortable but us. Oh well. Our immediate families have members who are Protestant, Buddhist/Shinto, Catholic, Jewish, Agnostic, and Pagan, so we've been bombarded with various ideas and suggestions for the ceremony, probably none of which we will encorporate. Kind of like that TV show, "Who's Wedding is it, Anyway?"

Anyhoodles, I'm glad I've found a place to gush alongside fellow brides. Good luck to everyone with their weddings-- only a few weeks! Squee!
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We just sent out 106 invites!!!!! *faints*

Out of those 106 invites, nobody is a single guest. So that means that atleast 212 are invited!

I'd have to say, that the majority of those invites, are for more than 2 people also. As in, a whole family, which is anywhere from 3 people to 7 people. I'm going to say, that it's about 250 people!!!!!

We were shooting for around 150-200 people invited (but it didn't need to be that number for money or space), now it looks like it'll be 150-200 people attending.

Boy that guest list can add up quickly!!!!