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Shopping for Rings

The FH and I went looking for wedding bands yesterday.  I guess I didn't realize how expensive they were going to be!  We are looking at white gold bands (to match my engagement ring).  I was really hoping that we could get matching bands with a little bit of engraving on them.  I guess I don't really want to be too flashy about it-- I'm looking for an elegant, classic style that will still look good many years from now. 

Anyway, we started out at the local jewelers, trying to keep as much business in our area as possible.  We found one set that we really liked (or at least I really liked), but the male ring was nearly $500 and the women's almost $300.  That's a little bit out of our budget, so we decided to head to the mall to check out the chain jewelers. 

When we headed to Kay's, we again found a set that we liked and this one was nearly $100 cheaper for each ring!  Also, the manager we were speaking with told us that on June 2 Kay's is holding a 10% off day in which everything in the store will be marked down.  He said that usually they are not allowed to mark down anything without stones (diamonds, etc), but on this day the FH and I could get our rings for $50-60 less. 

We're planning on heading back there next Friday, but I wanted to post to let anyone else out there looking for rings that they may want to try Kay's that day!  Good luck!

August 12, 2006

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